5 tips to manage your sales team

Due to their position, sales managers have the ability to generate better business dynamics to enhance the department’s results. However, for this they must overcome their main obstacle: their own day to day . The agenda of a good commercial director implies constant action on behalf of the company, which in turn leads to the risk of entering the ‘hamster wheel’: following by inertia what one has to do without stopping to observe what happens in the rest of the company. And especially within the sales team .

Let’s see the 5 keys that will help you better management of commercial teams and, consequently, will boost the results of the company

Do you manage or monitor your sales team?

There is a clear difference between management and monitoring. You can control what each member of the sales team does but not know how to manage it. They are even but not identical concepts.

To know where you are, think about the following: What are the scales that you follow the most for each member of your commercial network? Remember: also online channels.

The foundation of a powerful and effective sales team lies in the people and their abilities. If you rely solely on the final performance and not on how to boost it , knowing its strengths and weaknesses, there will hardly be a personal and professional growth of the seller, and less a full identification with the company.

Managing implies talking, accompanying, helping and, yes, also understanding how to motivate the team so that the monitoring of the objectives is only one of the points of each meeting, and not the central axis.

Build a Successful Sales Team: Attract Talent

To work as a commercial a series of required qualities that not everyone possesses. You can be a very sociable person, but lack the quick thinking and attitude of the salesperson. Finding these assets is not easy, and if they are in a sales team, enhancing their capabilities will become the largest investment in the medium and long term.

The training continues, in the product, market and other departments of the company will trade a solid foundation, identification and understanding will greatly facilitate their work for sale. Building a powerful, involved sales team that collaborates cross-sectionally with the rest of the departments will help improve the overall results of the company. And the achievement of its particular objectives.

Who should that getter be? Although there is a belief that it is the exclusive task of commercial directors, any salesperson has the ability to discover the talent in others, and bring it to management.

Improve the organization of the sales team

A sales team thrives when all members row toward common goals , with unique standards , and set rhythms . The lack of organization and coordination of the sales team can lead to chaos in any company.

It gives each salesperson the necessary tools to monitor in real time the global of the company and their own performance in it. You will see how keeping control of the team and the objectives is simpler, more agile and effective. This will generate a more active sales dynamic and lower costs.

Does this mean giving up company meetings ? Not much less. They are very necessary, but as long as they come up with an agenda, a space to share and the commercial management is the first to get involved in them.

Manage the best sellers

Every organization has a star seller , who may or may not correspond to the business address or even the owner. This is a particularly sensitive point in the management of commercial teams: how to motivate and lead this profile? How to retain it? Could he be the driving force for the rest of the sales team?

The best sales managers know how to play with the rewards, motivations, and career plans of these top sales professionals to maximize their performance and minimize conflict with the rest of the team.

In this sense, it is very important that the commercial director knows how to identify changes in the performance of an area or sales team, understand it and communicate with him to reverse the situation.

Celebrate and recognize, keys to team management

Perhaps it is the most important point, and at the same time one of the most forgotten or the most difficult. Every manager expects results . But it is as important to motivate and encourage them as knowing how to recognize them . With small gestures, comments and proposals, the sales manager can dissipate the pressure of results by celebrating each step that the sales team takes, no matter how small, as long as it represents a qualitative leap for the company and / or for the professional.

The motivation , in all its forms, is an improvement in the commercial management of the sales team effectively and above all, efficient.